Alaska and Canada

Alaska Cruises

A cruise to Alaska is a distinct and captivating vacation opportunity. Alaska is a superior cruise destination because of the extraordinary wildlife and natural wonders you will encounter. From whale watching to gold mining, Alaska is an unparalleled vacation destination!  Alaska’s landscape is unlike any other in the United States. The state is bursting with wildlife and adventure. While the mountain peaks may be snow covered, you’ll be amazed to find out during the summer months Alaska can get into the 70s and sometimes up to the 80s at its highest. 

Glacier Bay, Alaska

Things to do on an Alaskan Cruise
The waters along the coast of Alaska are scattered with incredible glaciers. You will not want to miss the experience of the Mendenhall glacier and Glacier Bay National Park or sailing through Tracy Arm fjord near Juneau.

Encounter the unique culture of Alaska with a ride on a dog sled. 

Enjoy the fresh flavors of Alaska at a Salmon Bake or Crab Feast. Both of these outdoor events offer authentic Alaskan fare served in true Alaskan style.

Spot incredible wildlife such as caribou, grizzly bears and eagles as you tour the vast landscape of Denali National Park.  Denali is home to Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in North America.  The park is also a great place to fly fish!

Uncover the tales behind Alaska’s natives through their stunning totem poles carved into tree trunks.  The totem poles tell stories depicting family legends, events and beliefs. Ketchikan is home to the Totem Heritage Center and the Totem Bight State Historical Park.

Get a true feeling of land by flying above the clouds in a flight seeing adventure. This is truly an exciting way to experience the unspoiled landscape!

You can extend your cruise vacation by opting for a cruise tour and enjoy an extended land journey.  Ride the railways between Denali and Fairbanks, or spend an overnight in Denali National Park.

Most cruiselines offer options for Alaska cruises and Alaska cruisetours.  From Azmara to Silversea, there are options to fit many budgets and experiences. 

Most Alaska cruises will depart from Anchorage, Seattle, Seward, Vancouver, or Whittier, however you can opt for a longer sea journey and depart from San Francisco.  You can also depart from Calgary and enjoy a Canadian land journey prior to your sea voyage.

Alaska sailings are offered only during select months, typically early May through the middle of September.

Canada / New England Cruises

Canada and New England are home to lighthouses, lobster bakes and everything in between. Explore the cultural fare and delicious ocean offerings waiting in the harbors of New England or view the stunning fall foliage unique to the area. Perhaps venture into the forests of Canada, to explore historic towns. Regardless of what you chose to do, you will enjoy cruising Canada and New England.  Abundant history, charming villages, succulent seafood are all part of cruise journey to Canada and New England.


Things to Do on a Cruise to Canada and New England

During the late summer and fall, sailing along the New England and Eastern Canada Coasts are very popular. Cruising during this time of years gives travelers the opportunity to experience the splendor of fall colors.  Cruising along the coastline, see the quaint lighthouses and fantastic tree colors.

Spend an afternoon in the Boston Common, a large public park in the heart of the city.  Enjoy a great view of the gold domed state house, ride the swan boats or venture to Newberry Street for a day of shopping.

Prince Edward Island is full of rolling hills and charming lighthouses.  Perhaps visit the home that inspired the Anne of Green Gables novels in Charlottetown, Canada.

Climb the steps to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

Venture to the summit of Cadillac Mountain inside Maine’s Acadia National Park. The park is a collection of islands that spans 47,000 acres of raw natural beauty.  Go hiking or climbing for a more adventurous day of exploring.

Taste the local lobster.  No matter how it’s prepared, lobster is a must when in New England.

Take a tour of Quebec’s Old City. This walled city is packed with cafes and views of the grand St. Lawrence River or enjoy tea at the Chateau Frontenac.

Many cruiselines offer sailings through Canada and New England.  Choose from a large ship, or opt for a more intimate experience down the St. Lawrence river.  From inexpensive options to luxury choices, there is something to fit your needs.

Most sailings will depart from Baltimore, Bayonne, Boston, Montreal, New York, Portland, Providence or even South Hampton.  If you are more interested in sailing on the Pacific coast of Canada, chose from ports such as San Francisco or Vancouver.